If you want to reach more customers & crush your competition in 2023, you must have an optimized website to Google guidelines, be easy to navigate, and be mobile friendly.

This can be a cornerstone in your effort to advance and be successful.

From a recent study done in 2022 with small businesses in the US, here are five reasons why this is 
the case:
1. In the US, 88.5% of people are internet users. (Source: The Balance Small Business.) This is why your business needs a website.

Before visiting or purchasing a company, 70–80% of individuals conduct online research(Source: Blue Corona) This indirectly means that companies without optimized websites lose between 70 and 80 percent of potential clients.

Mobile devices account for 70% of website traffic and 57% of users would not rely on a business with a badly designed website. (Source: Blue Corona) Is your website mobile-friendly?

According to research data, 53% of website visits are abandoned if they take longer than 3 seconds to load. (Source: Blue Corona) Is your website up-to-date and designed with the latest Google guidelines?

Before making a purchase, 55% of individuals will look for reviews and advice online, with 47% checking the company website(Source: WPForms)

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