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Websites are the face of your business.  It gives information about your service, an insight into your staff and it should be referring you business.  But most websites are just “there”.  So, I spent time not only analyzing websites but also using them.

Here are the important things I found most website failed at:

  • Loading time. If your site took too long to load, I left.  Loading time comes from a bad hosting site, image size, coding, videos and other factors.
  • Your website is NOT mobile friendly. 51% of people looking online, use their smartphone and that number continues to grow. How does your site look on your phone?
  • If your site is not mobile optimized then you are simply losing business.
  • Poor navigation. If your site does not help me know what to do, where to go and what the next action is, then I was moving onto the next site.

51% Quote

  • Lack of explanation. If your website does not clearly explain what you do, and I must go through a long menu, several pages to find out then it was not worth it for me to continue looking and I left.
  • No blog. Now I personally like to read so having some information that isn’t trying to get me to buy your service and gives m e information that I would not normally find, tips, examples, new data, for me is great.  Plus, if I get that information from you, when I decide to use your service, I already have a trust because you were able to help me with something I found in your blog articles.
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The point of this newsletter is to help you look at your website and know if it’s helping or hurting your business.

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