It appears wherever you go these days, you see groups of people hovered over their smartphones. From restaurants to playgrounds to people walking down the street, focused on texting or scrolling through their social media feeds.

We often look and quickly judge, forgetting that we too spend too much time on our phones. But we would never sit at dinner with our friends doing it. Or scroll through Facebook while our children played at the park. We don’t do that!

My friends and I play a game whenever we go out to dinner.  We all put our phones in the middle of the table and the first one to grab it pays the check.  And the cool thing is, it also has me refraining from being on my phone at other places. 

But we do use them often, and that shows you how important having a social media presence is.  With 77% of American adults owning a smartphone, you’re missing out if you do not have an active, consistent social media marketing plan. 

An in-depth article with amazing statistics was written by Liis Hainla of Dreamgrow, check it out,  But here are some of the highlights to give you a quick roadmap as to which social media you should be on.  Maybe even all of them? 

  1.    Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. Video Marketing gets results! See our YouTube Channel
  1.    50 million business use Facebook but only 4 million pay for ad marketing. That means no new people get the benefit of seeing your service.
  1.    Get on the gram – Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21% which is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter.
  1.    There are 1.5 billion logged-in YouTube monthly active users.

But just being on social media is not enough.  I’m not saying this to scare you or deter you from getting started but simply given you the reality and then showing you that there is a way to take charge of this new vehicle and grow your business within the next 30 days.  Yes, it’s that quick. 

UNS Marketing Social Media Ad

Getting people engaged takes consistency, good content, visual aids that go along with your message and being yourself.  Above all, don’t be afraid to start.  If you have had past failures, I understand, we all have.  If you don’t think you’ve gotten results from the money you spent, technology has advanced, and everything is trackable.  If you don’t have time, then there is solution like UNS Marketing that can help. 

Are you missing this marketing explosion?  Results not what you are hoping for?  Is your nephew’s cousin running your social media?  If you have any of these, try some of the above suggestions and call UNS Marketing Solutions or go to An expert in this field will certainly help you get your business results with the right social media strategy.

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