SSL is a great example of how the world wide web is an ever-changing place and those changes seem to happen hourly.  One example that was done recently seems to affect almost every website owner on Google’s network, yet it’s not well know.
Example of SSL
Google announced early last year that they would start labeling websites with a “not secure” tag in the address bar.  This is starting with sites that collect passwords and credit card information but will lead to securing any website that collects information.  The intention seems to be a separation from certain sites *(phishing sites) to legitimate ones, which I’m all about.
And this starts July 2018, where Google announced that it will start labeling websites without the SSL as “not secure”.  The move is to also go along with the release of Chrome 68 and sometimes when two things get sent out at the same time, one (SSL) can be overlooked.  However I have a feeling that many people will take note will they search for their site and find it’s not on the first page of that search.  
Many business have handle this through their hosting company but the cost can get out of hand since they know you have to have it.  But ultimately your needs to be SSL certified. 
So, what is SSL?  First it stands for Secure Sockets Layer, that is just a technical term for securing the network between a client/prospect using your site and your site.  It ensures the clients/prospects information is safe.
What this means for you:

  •   Having a website that shows the lock or HTTPS
  •   Not turning off potential customers
  •   Getting more monthly subscriptions or appointments
  •   Having better performing web offers
  •   Setting yourself up for powerful new features.

Don’t lose out on a client or your rankings because your website is not SSL Certified.  Contact UNS Marketing Solutions today and we will get your site SSL secured inexpensively and quickly.  
SSL Certified
*a phishing site is one that “fishes” for information.

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