Direct Mail

Whether your goal is to stay in front of your existing customers or build a continual flow of new patients, Direct Mail Comes Arounddirect mail is a great way to go.  We offer campaigns based on 5 major actions:

  • Traffic – Generate visitors to your website or sign up page.
  • Awareness – Generate awareness for your practice/brand or for specific services you offer.
  • Lead conversion – Push specific products and lead potential patients to call or schedule an appointment through a unique call to action.
  • Engagement – Get potential patients to join you on Social Media to develop likes, shares and followers.
  • Leads – Be consistent in your mailings and message to produce weekly leads flowing into your practice.

Direct mail can be time consuming and overwhelming to some physicians and their staff.  But there is more to a direct mail campaign then just sending out letters every week-Direct mail serves as a powerful tool to generating consistent leads to grow your practice.

Through direct mail, you can showcase your practice’s brand to new potential clients and build better, lasing relationships. With a better strategy, you can do more.

UNS Marketing Solutions helps your practice gain more patients by implementing our successfully proven campaigns. With our direct mail campaigns for clinical practices, we focus on helping you engage with existing patients while finding new ones.

We handle everything for you to mailing out postcards or letters and take all of the tedious work out of your hands.  From the printing to design, providing a mailing list and of course getting you a bulk rate discount on postage, UNS Marketing makes this process simple and fun.  That way your concern is less on marketing and more on helping your patients get healthy.

Why Consider Direct Mail

Direct mail is not just “going away” because of trending online mediums, it continues to be a viable marketing tool. If you are a little apprehensive about investing your time and efforts in direct mail for your practice, consider the following benefits:

It’s a tangible product

Postcards or letters are still apart of everyday life.  Getting a letter or postcard from a healthcare provider means that you have taken the time to write to the patient in a way that breaks them out of their online world.  The practice of sending direct mail has evolved and so you should utilize what has been proven to work as a successful action.

Establish Trust and consistency with Patients

One and done campaigns are the most ineffective way of promoting yourself.  Mailing out to new potential patients takes at least 3 attempts and you become a reminder to act now in order to get healthier.  That trust you build through consistency is what helps you stand out over your competition.  Constant direct mail interaction opens the doors for them to be reminded of your service and see how you continually want to help their life improve, which encourages better commitment.

Direct mail may seem like a outdated marketing tool, but because of the results, we believe it should be part of your marketing campaign.

Why Partner With Us

UNS Marketing Solutions’ direct mail programs for clinical practices focuses on patient benefits, call to actions, and great offers. Our packages offer professionally designed postcards or letters, the perfect mailing schedule and coordinated tracking codes.  We assist building your brand and credibility on this proven platform.

Grow your practice with the help of direct mail. Get in touch with us today and get a free analysis.

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