Why Your Practice Needs Newsletters

Current marketing strategies call for the implementation of digital marketing. Adding a touch of marketing tactics like electronic newsletters can bolster results. A good old-fashioned email and a newsletter campaign is the best way to start.

Clinical mail marketing (whether it’s email or direct mail) is one of the best ways to reach prospective and current patients. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities that use this form of marketing provide patients with valuable content and information, strengthening their engagement.

UNS Marketing Solutions understands your goal of reaching more patients. It’s our goal, too.

With our electronic newsletter service for clinical practices, we want to educate more patients while we improve your patient retention.


Understanding the Marketing Techniques

Email marketing is an effective way to earn more returns on investment (ROIs); it also engages patients at higher and more measurable rates compared to traditional print-based marketing. It also makes producing personalized pieces within a shorter period easier.

Boost Marketing with Our Electronic Newsletter Services

Be more visible and build better relationships with patients with our electronic email & newsletter services for clinical practices. Our team gives your practice’s marketing efforts an initial analysis before we build an action plan designed for better awareness and visibility—both offline and online.

Benefits of Having an Electronic Newsletter Done for You:

  1. Worry-Free Mailings

You never have to worry every single month about what content to create, spelling errors and deadlines. We hire professional writers that create interesting, useful and easy to read articles. Those articles often get passed along to friends and family that may be interested on having a health issue handled.

  1. Free Up Staff & Computer Resources

You won’t tie up your computer resources with large mailings. You or your staff can continue with your productive actions instead. We organize and maintain your mailings every month. You just have to send us your newest captured emails once a month to upload them into our system.

  1. Email Simplification & Tons of Email Power

Sending emails takes up computer & staff time, both valuable to you in terms of time and money.  A web-based email marketing program like ours simplify the process tremendously for you.

  1. Trouble Free Emailing

Higher delivery rates. It’s more likely that internet service providers (ISPs) will think you’re are a potential spammer if you start sending 100’s if not 1000’s of emails frequently.

And not knowing what makes emails bounce or not having the latest email regulations followed can get you in trouble with your internet provider.

  1. Precise Stats to Check Your Results

Having an email delivery statistic of open and click through rates of those links provided inside your e-Newsletter, can tell you exactly if your email content is of interest to the majority and which content they are attracted to the most, that way you can give them more of it.

Use our electronic Newsletter mailing service and you’ll soon be on your way to an easy and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your patients.

Also, and of special importance to you, we include all your upcoming workshops with its subject name, date and times and a contact phone number for them to call to confirm or ask questions on it.

Trust our experts to improve your patient/client communications. From seasonal health trivia to appointment reminder cards, our team connects with your patients.

Transform your current marketing efforts with strategies that work.

Call UNS Marketing Solutions today and change the way you market your practice: (866) 418-4801

Get in touch with UNS Marketing today and see how we can help.

We care about our clients. We’re fearless and innovative—because that’s what it takes to become successful in the world of digital marketing.



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