Owning and operating a business is time consuming, especially if your business means you do most of the work seeing clients.  Having time for marketing to make your life better can be the first thing that people put on the back burner even though it’s one of the most important steps to growing your business.

In this article I will give you some easy and quick tips that you can implement in your practice that will allow you to market effectively, inexpensively and produce results quickly.

Before I get into those tips I want to impart some successful wisdom that helped many companies grow and prosper.  Consistency of marketing, repetition to the same people more than 3 times will be key to your growth.  Being consistent means mailing out postcards or letters every week or every month for at least 6 months.

If you use Facebook, use Facebook every week (daily if possible) but every week and continue to do so for 6 months.  If you hire a company, such as UNS Marketing Solutions, know that you are committing yourself to a 3 months marketing program.  I even suggest marketing 6 months with using the same marketing platform but never just send out one thing and then quit.  That is the ultimate waste of money and time. The opposite of how to make your life better with marketing.  


Now that I’ve imparted some wisdom, let’s get into a few simple activities you can do to increase your business without spending hours a week doing it.

  1. Videos, videos, videos!

YouTube used to be the second biggest search engine on the world wide web, recently in some months, it’s bested Google searches.    Having a website that incorporates videos or links to your YouTube page creates engagement, and more people become interested in your service.

Social Media Marketing

This also includes doing Live videos on Facebook.  If you are shy or hesitant about doing this, have someone in your office do them.  Again we are trying to help make your life better and get your business booming. 

Some ideas on this would be to have them do a live testimonial with a client who had great success, show a booked office, show the office itself or talk about an event you’re having that week.

  1. Sending Thank You cards to new clients.

One successful action that has been done time and time again is follow up Thank You postcards or letters.  Sending follow ups after office visits allow you to include a referral card and get referral information, or you can get feedback on how the service was, but ultimately, it’s to give the client a reminder of you.

  1. Listing your company online

A simple way to ensure you are getting noticed online is to get your companies information into any business directory it can.  A business directory is a website whose product is listing any business information they can.  Places like Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages, etc.  The key to doing this is to make sure your information is the same on each of these websites.  Here is a great article by Synup on how to get started doing this.

  1. Social media.

Many businesses out there think that getting leads from Social media can be a mystery.  However, there are an abundance of how to start videos, digital marketing companies and even write ups by Facebook on how to get started correctly through social media.  Using these platforms gives you access to thousands of people you would not normally be in front of through tradition marketing.

Pick one of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram or YouTube and get yourself educated on the process.  It will take 1 hour out of your week and give you the experience and understanding that will last a lifetime.

Here is a simple video that goes over how to set up a Facebook Business manager account and get yourself started on sending out Facebook ads locally.

Consistency will be your best ally to overall success and if for some reason, you have 0 minutes to devote time to marketing, UNS Marketing Solutions can help you analyze your current marketing, both Digital and Traditional, then lay out an  effective and inexpensive plan that also includes analysis reports to show you what you get for the money.

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