Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly Or Are You Missing Out On Sales?

In today’s mobile-friendly age and era, we can all agree that a website is an essential element of a successful marketing strategy for any business or company. Just like a business needs to have a physical location and space from where to run its operation, it also should have a solid position in the internet cyberspace to ensure its visibility to any potential customer in need of acquiring the product or services it provides. Additionally, website content and design need also to be optimized to make sure that those same potential customers can find it when searching online using their personal computer and, most important, their mobile phone or tablet.


Like we mentioned in a previous article, 51% of people looking for products or services online use their smartphone/tablet, and that number is in continually growing. Most people (including you and me) use their phone when looking for a store, a restaurant, a service or a healthcare practitioner. But if your site is not looking good on your phone or its content doesn’t load correctly, people will just miss it. The reason? Google will ignore it. Let’s see why.

Thanks to its winning expansion strategy, Google has become the most significant and reliable source of information on the web. The status comes in large part from its successful method of organizing web pages, delivering the most relevant results to search terms and consequently ranking the results to promptly provide the public with the best answers to their searches. Since most people avail themselves of Google’s searching and ranking methods, it is easy to understand why organizing a website based on Google’s methods has become a necessity for anyone who needs to promote their business. Your website and its content need to be adequately understood by Google to be considered relevant as a result for potential customers and their needs.

Why does your site need to be mobile-friendly?

To further favor the public and the trending mobile searches, in April of 2015, Google has started attributing much higher value to websites mobile-friendliness an as ranking indicator. And as announced, the change has since affected mobile searches worldwide and in every single language, with massive effects on Google Search results. The good news is that since then mobile phones and tablets users can get better results for their searches. But for those website owners who did not pay attention to the change, the bad news is that the only sites considered by Google for search results are those optimized for mobile devices. And even other search engines, like Bing or Yahoo, while operating under their own methods, often use the same ranking rules as Google’s.

mobile views infoHow can you check if your site is mobile friendly?

To help its customers, Google has provided a tool, called Mobile-Friendly Test, where it is possible to check any website for mobile friendliness. By typing in the website URL, one can find out how Google Search sees and perceives the pages of any site. If your website test comes back with a “not mobile friendly” response, there is no need to panic. The right thing to do is to upgrade its design and format as soon as possible to match current technical specifications and, most of all, stop losing customers. And if you don’t know how to do it or where to turn for help, at UNS Marketing Solutions we can help you with any issue, from website creation, website optimization, SEO and any other aspect of marketing for your practice, both digital and printed.  Get a FREE Website Audit today by clicking this link

You have done your homework and your website is already mobile friendly. Do you need to take any further action?

You worked hard to get the best looking storefront for your practice, now well-known and recognized by anyone in your community. Thankfully, you also paid enough attention to your website and invested not just in the creation of its right image and content, but also in some good search engine optimization (SEO) as well as smart promotion, which is now paying back with measurable levels of referred business. If so, most probably your website is also mobile friendly and optimized, and you are not losing precious business. However, even if your website is already mobile-friendly, there are ways to further improve search engine ranking and visibility, making sure to keep up with all the criteria set by Google and other main search engines to consider website pages.

What to do to strengthen your online presence and expand your practice

Some of the actions UNS Marketing Solutions recommends as part of an overall marketing strategy are analysis and optimization of your existing website to help your practice show up in search results. In some instances, a website becomes “too old” to undergo the necessary upgrades, in which case the best solution is to start from the ground up with a brand new, well designed and fully optimized website that can provide your visitors a good user experience and, most of all, make most of your mobile traffic.

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Marketing continually fine-tunes and responds to technical changes and industry trends. And because of the constant technological advancements, digital marketing changes and adapts to the public new needs at an even faster pace. Therefore, effective marketing systems can become often confusing to understand and apply.

At UNS Marketing Solutions, our job is to enable any practitioner like you to focus on your primary purpose – taking care of your patients, while we take care of all the aspects of the marketing for your practice with both digital and printed solutions distinctly designed for clinics, testing centers, healthcare centers and more. We are here to help you figure out where to start and how to move you on the route towards your ideal practice.

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