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Would you like more people saying good things about your business?

The answer is obvious and I think we all want to see those great reviews about us coming. 

But getting patients to speak well of you is bigger than just something that’d be nice. 

In fact, it’s crucial to any practice wanting to grow.

Nowadays, people do most of their talking online, especially on their cell phones. People do most of their listening and research online, too. 

That’s why 5-star online reviews are so helpful, and why bad reviews can be so hurtful.

Just take a look at how online reviews slides below to see how much influence potential reviews could have on customers:

Why do online reviews matter? 

A good review confirms that your business is great to work with. In other words, when people read these third party endorsements, they feel they should be calling you and not your competitors.

On the other side, a bad review tells people to better find another option. Or, depending on the good/bad reviews ratio, it could make them hesitant to call you. Not everyone reads  bad ones, but most do. You probably have experienced that first hand while checking other businesses.

So here are 3 quick tips on how to get more 5 star reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more:

1. Provide an amazing patient experience

If you want patients to say good things about you, you first have to give them something good to talk about. Go ahead and do your best: explain them on easy to understand terms what’s their physical condition, your findings, your solutions, the costs involved.

Keep an excellent communication level with them, listen carefully, acknowledge them, handle their concerns and questions, make them feel understood. That generates great reviews online, all the time.

2. Create your own program to reach out for more reviews.

Simply ask your patients to write a review when their satisfaction with your service is fresh and top of their mind. That’s the best time to ask for a review. Tell them to go to Google, for example, and type your name, look for the review section, click on it, look for the part that says “write a review” and cross your fingers that they won’t forget all these steps!

But wait, there’s a third and better solution!

3. Your Ideal Review Management System Solution

The following is our ideal review system solution for you. Yes, we may be biased, but that’s because we’ve seen it working extremely well once it’s set into action at the office. 

An ideal review management system would consist of:

I) A system that can help you gather reviews constantly, 24/7. A great program is one that can send a review request to the patient’s emails and cell phones, directly to the reviews section, once they have left the office. 

II) It would give them at least 3 different choices to leave the reviews in places like Google, Facebook and Yelp and others. 

III) Ideally, this program would have the capability of letting you know immediately via email whenever someone has left a review (good or bad) so you can be aware of what’s being said out there and acknowledge the reviewer if it’s a good review, or take action to remedy the situation if it happens to be a bad review. Either way, you’d like to have the control of what’s been said about you at all times.

IV) With this program, if the patient received the email and text message, but forgot about clicking on it, the system will detect it and will send another friendly reminder with a link included. All they have to do is click and he/she will be taken straight into the review section so they can start reviewing you in a second.

V) At the end of the month, you would receive a report with all the reviews. You could share that report with your staff. This would be a great way to boost their morale if the reviews have been great and if not, it would give everyone accountability so they can increase their patient care immediately to reduce the number of bad reviews.


We have 3 different reputation management levels that you can implement, each one with tons of personal customer support for you. 

If you’d like to know what benefits each one offers, get in touch with us to give you a free, no-obligation consult so you can see if this system could be a good fit for you.

Call us at (866) 418-4801.

And remember, good reviews are basically free publicity from Google, Facebook, Yelp and others.

Use them to your advantage!

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