A significant number of customers want to read reviews before making a purchase. Reviews are proven to be excellent sales generators and are thus becoming a crucial component of the decision-making process. Forbes reports that 94% of consumers avoid a company with bad reviews. (Source – Forbes)

According to 71% of users, reading customer evaluations may increase their confidence in making a purchase of the good or service. These days, social media platforms play a big part in helping businesses improve sales and revenue by helping them develop trust with their customers. (Source: www.reputationx.com)

The reputation, credibility, and reliability of your company may all suffer as a result of negative ratings. 86% of customers hesitate to purchase from companies with negative reviews. A single negative review can drive away 22% of customers and three negative reviews can drive away a whopping 59%.

This means that your  practice, having a positive online presence gives you several key advantages, which is why it’s becoming a key part of branding through various review sites such as Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Google Review

Did you know that Google is the king of web traffic? Over 3.5 billion searches are made every day using the Google search engine. The Google Business Profile account for a business is a great place to begin for acquiring internet reviews. (Source: www.vendasta.com)

Google Online Reviews puts business data on Search, Maps, and Google+. Because of this, customers can easily find a location from desktop, mobile, or anything in between. Google customer reviews are highly essential to the reliability of all businesses since they appear in search engine results and are known to boost SEO. (Source: www.vendasta.com)

Facebook Review

Today, Facebook is rising as one of the leading review sites. Since most users on the site already have a Facebook account, the process to leave a business review is relatively frictionless. (Source: www.vendasta.com) The benefit of allowing consumers to post reviews on a Facebook page is that it allows for seamless engagement between customers and business owners while also making those conversations visible to a large audience of potential customers. It gives an opportunity for the business to design and develop its brand identity.

Yelp Review 

Yelp is a platform where individuals can post reviews about local businesses. Yelp has over 102 million reviews and is still growing, becoming the brand associated with business review websites. It could be time for all small businesses to take a closer look at what customers are saying online, and more especially, to their Yelp reviews, as the world’s largest online review platform continues to expand. (Source: www.vendasta.com)

Best Practice & TIPs

Following are proven best practices and TIPs in order to create a winning strategy when it comes to review for your practice.

1. Given that online reviews are often the first point of contact a potential client has with your business or practice, it is crucial to respond to patients who leave reviews on your Google, Facebook or Yelp business profile. You want to respond regardless of both positive and negative reviews as soon as possible. In fact, responding to negative reviews is so beneficial, as revealed by the Review Trackers survey, “45 percent of consumers say that they’re more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative reviews.”

2. Another action you want to do when you receive a negative review is to bring the conversation offline. As part of your reply to the review offer to handle the problem and suggest the customer reach you by phone or email. In addition to addressing the problem with the upset client, this move will show prospective customers that you care and that you want to make things right.

3. Another action that you can do to counterbalance bad reviews and raise your overall rating is to encourage customers to leave good reviews. There is nothing wrong with asking to leave reviews as long there is no incentive to write one.  A simple way to do that is to have a nice sign at Reception and once they complete their visit ask them how the session was today and remind them to write a review.

4. Automate the whole collection, monitoring and response to reviews on multiple platforms like Google, Facebook , Yelp, etc. by getting a reputation management software. These types of software can help you to create a positive online reputation by collecting a higher amount of online reviews and getting those distributed. Such tools also provide you with ways on how to deal with negative reviews.

Like it or not, online review is a big factor in a consumer’s choice of a service provider. They can help you either direct customers to your company or to your competition.

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