Well I’ve been hearing Direct Mail is dead for several years now and while I understand why people are quick to point this out, Direct Mail still continues being a strong marketing source for business growth.

The dead comment comes from more people being on their phones, getting their e-mail on their phones, texting, viewing social media, searching Google for whatever they need, and that is the trend.  But that is why you should seriously consider using direct mail every week.

Direct Mail Stats

Simply put, you will stand out even more because your competition is not utilizing this avenue for marketing.  I know it sounds counter intuitive but I’m a believer in stats and here are some stats that you should be aware of.

  • In 2017, the Direct Mail household response rate was 5.1%.  Compared to e-mail, paid search, online display and social media, it’s by far the best marketing tool to get a good response.
  • The return on investment from Direct Mail is 29% compared to other marketing tools, which cost more for the return received.
  • Over-sized envelopes or postcards have the greatest household response rates by almost 2.5%.
  • Among the 18-21 age range, Direct Mail response is 12.4%.
  • If you spend about $200, the average amount in return products sold is $2,100.

Now I’m not discounting, social media, SEO, paid advertisements and having a great functioning website, that is the future of marketing.  But what I am saying is that marketing through Direct Mail will enable you to build a consistent base of new clients, the keyword is consistent.

I’ve personally been involved in a company that only did Direct Mail and went from 25 employees to over 200.  We started with a small amount, stayed consistent and grew the amount mailed as we grew. see more here, https://unsmarketing.com/direct-mail-dead/

Direct Mail animate

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Don’t discount the obvious tried and true marketing tools.  They still work and will continue to work for a long time to come.

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