If you have an existing client database and you are not marketing to it each week then you are missing out on a perfect opportunity to increase your weekly leads and income.

Having a lead capturing program that accumulates the important information of your clients brings about the necessary way of promoting to them later.  Here are the most important pieces of information you should be getting from clients:

First make sure you have a script or checklist that is used by your receptionist, office manager, or assistant.

  1. First, last, and address>
  2. Phone Number (cell phone as well)
  3. E-mail>
  4. Referral source (how they heard about you)

For #4, this should be gone over with your receptionist, office manager or whoever greets your clients.  It should be checked daily or weekly to ensure the right and needed information is being asked for.

The next action is to intelligently marketing to that database on a consistent basis.  Your message should not always be sales driven.  Sending out surveys, quizzes, educational information and just being helpful is always a good way of staying in touch.

The bottom line is that it’s easier to foster existing clients to be interested in using your service then it is to create interest in people that have never heard of you before.

Here are some stats that may help you look at this and go “wow”

  • It is 10 times harder to create new interest than foster existing clients interest
  • It can cost almost 5-12 times more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing client
  • You can make 60-70%$ more profit selling to an existing client than a new client
  • Something as small as a 5% increase in retention can boost your profits by 60%
  • The response rate from former customers is 20% higher than new clients.

Strategies are key and making sure you are changing things up each month to keep people interested will be your best ally.  But also remember, marketing is fun.  We are helping people everyday and getting them to come to your business should be fun and exciting because of the end result.

Finally, both direct mail and e-mail newsletters are a very effective and affordable marketing plan that can be implemented for client retention.

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