Branding is a powerful marketing tactic.  

It creates:

* Awareness 
* Trust and 
* Income for your business.

Branding is defined as:

A marketing tactic where you create a business name, symbol, logo, design, or image that is easily identifiable with a service provided by your company.

When you are branded, people identify and distinguish you right away from other competitors and know exactly what you’re offering them.

Branding creates the trust and credibility that all new prospective customers want to see before making an appointment or a purchase from you.

Big brands (Geico, Progressive, Verizon, Apple, etc.) have been using branding for decades to achieve incredible name recognition in the minds of people. They have huge marketing departments that measure everything from negative/positive reactions to the brand, number of website visits, sales from their campaigns and much more.

And it works for them.

Previously, it was nearly impossible for local businesses to afford investing in branding. The prices charged by big magazines, radio, TV and websites were out of reach for them.

Until now.

A Big Change in the Marketing Game

The Internet changed the marketing game.

It changed the way the advertising game is played.

Thanks to the power of online advertising, it’s now possible for small businesses to achieve the brand recognition that was previously affordable only by the big players.

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Welcome to the world of local online branding advertising.

Now it’s possible to show your brand, your services and your offers.


This means you can fully expose your name, brand, services and more in the most visited websites in the world.


Banner advertising has advanced so much that local businesses can advertise:

  1. To specific areas (cities, states, etc.)
  2. During certain hours of the day
  3. On certain days of the week and
  4. On specific websites (health, entertainment, etc.)

For example, you want people in San Francisco to see your brand when they go online to check the local news. You target your banner ad to run in San Francisco, on the specific local news website. Once people in San Francisco visit this site, they will see your brand and banner ad.


Don’t stay on the fence and let your competitors take advantage of branding.

Find out how to use brand advertising to expand your practice. Call us at 866-418-4801 for a free 30-minute consultation.

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