Boosting the Visibility of Your Practice with the Holiday Season

As a business owner and healthcare provider, the Holiday Season stands out as a great chance to get noticed and grab the attention of existing and new potential customers.

Here you will find a simple guide that introduces you to seven simple marketing strategies, from making attractive offers to making your website work well so your holistic services stand out during the online holiday shopping buzz.

Strategy #1 – Create Exciting Holiday Season Offers:

Creating offers that match your holistic services is crucial in the middle of all the Holiday Season deals. Think about combining services or giving special discounts on consultations, wellness packages, or products. Highlight the special benefits your services bring to overall well-being. When you make these offers time-limited, it encourages people to act quickly. Make sure that each offer includes a “Call to Action”, (often abbreviated as CTA) at the end of it, giving clear instructions on what to do next or how to enroll as well as where to call or where to go.

For instance: “Get Ready for a Calm Holiday Season! Enjoy a special 20% off on our holistic wellness package—book now by calling [Your Practice #] and start your journey to better holistic health!”

Strategy #2 – Optimize Your Website for the Holiday Season Traffic:

It’s important to ensure your website can handle lots of people during Holiday Season.

If your site is slow or not working well, it might make potential clients go away. Speed things up, make it easy for people to use and show your Holiday Season offers clearly. You could even make a special page just for these deals to make it simple for visitors to see and understand them.

Example: “Check Out Our Holiday Season Specials—Tap Here for Exclusive Holistic Health Offers! Our website is set up to make Holiday Season shopping easy and stress-free.”

Strategy #3 – Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Holiday Season Deals:

Use social media’s wide reach to promote your Holiday Season deals. Create interesting posts, stories, and graphics that show what your holistic services are about and say that your offers won’t last long. Ask your current followers to share your posts, so more people see them. Use hashtags and location tags that fit to help more people find your Holiday Season deals.

For example: “This Holiday Season, take care of yourself with our special holistic deals! Share with a friend who needs a wellness boost. #HolisticHealth #HolidaySeasonDeals”

Strategy #4 – Run Targeted Email Campaigns:

Use your list of current clients to send them special emails during the Holiday Season. Write emails with advice and tips about how to stay healthy during the Holidays. Take this opportunity to inform and educate them on how your holistic services can help them achieve their health goals. At the same time, use this communication channel to let them know about any special holiday discounts and that these special deals won’t last long.

Think about dividing your email list based on what your clients like or what they’ve done before so that each person gets offers that fit them.

For example: “Hey [Client’s Name], Treat Yourself to Holistic Health this Holiday Season! Because you’re special to us, get a special deal on our relaxing wellness services. Call [Your Number] and book now!”

Strategy #5 – Collaborate with Influencers and Partners

Reach more people by teaming up with influencers or partners in holistic health. Influencers can share their real experiences with your services, reaching a bigger audience interested in your offer. Think about doing promotions with businesses with similar values, so you can tell more people about your Holiday Season deals. This way, it’s a win-win for everyone.

For example: “Come together with us this Holiday Season! We’re teaming up with [Influencer/Partner] to give you special holistic wellness deals. Follow both of us on [Your Instagram or FB Account] for a chance to win a free wellness session.”

Strategy #6 – Create Engaging Content

Creating helpful content built around the services you provide in your practice and how those can be used during the Holiday Season is a key element in ensuring that your message resonates with your audience. You could write blogs, articles, or videos and share tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays. Once done, share this content on your online platforms to make people see your practice and yourself as a trusted expert.

For example: “Making Sense of the Holiday Season with Holistic Wellness: Our Best Tips for a Thoughtful and Healthy Shopping Experience.”

Strategy #7 – Utilize Text Marketing to Connect with Your Existing Database

During the busy holiday season, use Text Marketing as a handy tool. Send quick messages to your existing clients about any special offers or events your holistic practice is going to hold during the Holiday. Texts are fast and short, and lots of people open them, ensuring your clients know about exclusive deals or upcoming events immediately. At the end of each message include a “Call To Action” directing them to some form of conversion. This way, using text messages helps you make your clients excited and to join in on your holiday offers.

Example: “Big News! Our Holiday Season deals are here! Get ready for wellness with exclusive offers. Visit our website or call now to book at (phone number of your practice). Don’t miss out on the holiday cheer!  #HolisticHolidays #HolidaySeasonWellness”

In summary, Holiday Season is a great chance for holistic practitioners to get noticed and reach more people. By making attractive offers, improving your online presence, using social media, sending specific emails, working with others, and creating interesting content, you can make the Holiday Season work for your holistic practice.

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