Direct Mail Comes AroundOne of the quickest ways to increase your office collections is through electronic Newsletters sent to your patients.

If done correctly and in a very specific way, the response can be almost immediate: people calling you to find out about your services/products or asking for an appointment immediately.

Most successful practices are seeing the clear benefits of sending e-newsletters regularly.

How to Start:

First, make sure patients include their email addresses on the front desk sign up form.

Second, Create an opt-in form on your web pages, emails, Facebook pages, etc., to sign up for a free newsletter. This will attract prospective patients to your office and will keep the existing patients informed on the latest office news.

And Third, make sure your email is sent at least once a month to your database.

Create great content on a regular basis and include your workshop days and enticing discount coupons. Manage your list of subscribers and people who want to unsubscribe. And above all, stay compliant with the latest email marketing regulations.

Benefits of Having a Monthly Newsletter Done for You:

We understand that even when you can appreciate the value of sending newsletters, your time is tied up among other important office issues, making it difficult to manage an email newsletter service.

That’s why we compiled a list of five reasons why you should consider delegating that important function to us.

1. Worry-Free Mailings
You never have to worry every month about what content to create, spelling errors or deadlines. We have professional writers that create interesting, useful and easy to read articles. Those articles often get passed along to friends and family that may be interested in having a health issue handled.  That generates more new patients for you.

2. Free Up Staff & Computer Resources
You won’t tie up your computer resources with large mailings. In addition to that, no time will be taken from you and your staff. You will continue with your usual productive actions. We organize and maintain your mailings every month. You just have to send us your newest captured email addresses once a month so these patients are included in your mailings.

3. Email Simplification & Tons of Email Power
As stated above, sending emails takes up computer & staff time, both valuable to you in terms of time and money.  A web-based email marketing program like ours simplifies the process tremendously for you and gives you tons of email power.

4. Trouble Free Emailing
Higher delivery rates. It’s more likely that your internet service provider (ISP) will think you are a potential spammer if you start sending hundreds if not thousands of emails frequently.

Also, not knowing what makes emails bounce or not having the latest email regulations followed can get you in trouble with your internet provider.

You won’t have these concerns when you use our service.

In fact, we use the best email software in the market, with the highest deliver-ability rate: 96% with the lowest spam markings in the industry!

That means you can reach the highest number of people in your list, compared to other email platforms like Constant Contact, Aweber, Mailchimp, Get Response and others. Much higher deliver-ability rates means more chance to be in front of your patients to offer your products and services.

5. Precise Statistics to Check Your Results
By having email statistics of opened emails and click through rates of the links provided inside your e-Newsletter, you can tell exactly if your email content is of interest to the majority and which future content is the best for them to keep them interested. With this inside information, you’ll be able to see how popular your content is.

Use our eNewsletter mailing service and you’ll soon be on your way to an easy and inexpensive solution to keep in touch with your patients all year long.
Good luck and good mailing!

In Summary:  It should be clear to you now that your best informed and educated patients are your best investment.
But you need to give them the opportunity to be educated on their health and be timely informed of upcoming events and offers from you.

That’s why we include all your upcoming workshops with their subject names, dates and times, a contact phone number for them to call to confirm they’re coming or simply to ask questions about the specific workshop.

Also, you can send special offer coupons for services or products. People love them, but they need to be reminded through your monthly newsletters.

Start sending email newsletters to your patients today.

Try us and see!

To set up your newsletter service with us, give us a call at (866) 418-4801 for a free-no obligation 15 minute consultation to see if your practice would be a good fit for this service.

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