Reputation is everything. Online reviews are a fairly new phenomenon in business, and they have completely transformed the industry. These reviews are now one of your marketing campaign’s crucial components. 

Here are five explanations for why this is the case, taken from a recent study conducted in 2022 with small businesses in the US: 

1. In the US, Yelp has more than 178 million visits every month (Source: Is your business able to catch up with the robustness of the market? Indeed, Yelp is a powerful platform that can really intensify the presence of your business.

2. Nearly 4 in 5 Americans regularly read reviews of local businesses before visiting or making a purchase. (Source: Business News Daily) It’s extremely important to take advantage of Yelp to successfully market your business locally.

3. Positive reviews reinforce consumer trust; as many as 88% of consumers trust favorable reviews as much or more than personal recommendations from friends. (Source:  These then call for a revolutionary winning tactic, strong enough to spoil escalating challenges.

4. A separate Yelp study found that 90% of people on Yelp compare businesses before deciding which one to visit, contact, hire or buy from.  (Source: So one of the best ways to ensure that your Yelp listing ranks well is to get as many reviews as possible!

5. Have you created a Yelp profile that will work for your business without having to give in to the high cost of advertising? Each star on Yelp is worth between a 5% and 9% increase in revenue for your business. (Source: Harvard Business School: Faculty and Research) If you know your audience, you save the time and money of advertising to groups that aren’t likely to be interested in your product.

Due to the importance and the impact of Yelp for a local business, we are proud to announce that UNS Marketing Solutions recently became a Yelp Partner. We have a direct line with a Yelp Representative and we can now provide a new service to all the UNS clients: a Yelp Account Management Service. We are going to handle for you your Yelp Account, manage your Reputation from this account and work with you to leverage this tool so that you can reach more people in your community most of all controlling the message that goes out from your office.

Don’t have a verified Yelp Account? No problem. We will handle that for you.

Did you receive a negative review on Yelp? There are ways on how to flip the narrative so that a negative review turns into a positive image of your company.

In some specific cases we can even query the negative review to our Yelp Representative and possibly even delete the review. 

Do you want to reach a higher position in the search engine of Yelp? We can help you with that and set up an inexpensive paid-per-click campaign to reach more people. 

In summary, with 178 million visits to the Yelp site of people ready to purchase local services, will be a missed opportunity for your practice to not be present in this important social channel and well represented. 

For more information about this program please email us at [email protected], call us at 866-418-4801 or send us a message via Facebook Messenger at

Look forward to an even bigger expansion in 2023 with the new Yelp Management Service.

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